Proton is bringing its password manager to the business world

Proton Pass for Business
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Proton has launched a version of its flagship password manager built for business, featuring several additions for enterprise users.

Best known for making various privacy tools for business and consumers alike, the company says it has released Proton Pass for Business to provide organizations with "transparent, private credential security." 

Proton claims its new password manager features "cutting-edge algorithms and state of the art authentication security," making it ready for future developments and threats in the field of credential security.

Swiss sensibilities

Proton claims that Proton Pass is complaint with GDPR, and being based in Switzerland means that "neutrality and strong privacy protection" are both ensured. It is also open source and independently audited, making its development transparent to prevent any glaring flaws or concerns being hidden from the public eye.

True to the firm's democratic vision of the internet, Proton Pass has anti-censorship technologies which make the password manager available in regions where it may otherwise be blocked. It also believes that its pricing makes it accessible even to small firms.

Proton believes in the need for businesses to have strong password management, citing the fact that in 2022, 24 billion passwords were breached, with even large and well known firms guilty of employing the worst password practices imaginable. And attacks on credentials are only getting more frequent and advanced, continuing to the be one of the most common vectors for cybercriminals.

The company also claims that its popularity in the field - having been the first to create end-to-end encrypted services, like Proton Mail, that are used by over 100 million people - is a testament to its user experience, and Proton Pass is no exception.

Proton Pass for Business users will also get access to Proton Sentinel, which the company claims can defend against account takeover attacks, even if credentials have already been compromised.

Email aliases are featured in the manager too, letting organizations mask their real addresses from the services they use, to help combat spam and phishing attacks, which are a persistent threat to businesses.

Proton Pass for Business is available now, with prices starting at $1.99 per month. 


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