Domain registrars can now block users from registering typo-laden domains for nefarious purposes

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Top domain registrars like GoDaddy and 101domain are now using tools to allow businesses to block domain names that bear certain similarities or spellings, or that otherwise infringe on their brand name.

The groundbreaking solution, GlobalBlock, is set to revolutionize the space, which has previously relied on businesses registering similar domains before others do.

A business may want to do this for one of several reasons, including preventing others from having similar names as well as reducing the spread of unsolicited malware that looks to be (but isn’t) associated with the business.

Domain blocking is here

GlobalBlock is meant to eliminate the need for businesses to register countless other similar domains by allowing them to subscribe and reserve a portion of the domain space.

One of the more serious types of instances that this can prevent is homograph attacks, where a threat actor may use a capital ‘i’ in place of an ‘l’ to impersonate a brand and spread malware or conduct other malicious activity.

GlobalBlock+ covered unregistered and registered trademarks, geographical indicators, marks protected by statute or treaty, company names, and even celebrity names.

Users will have to pay for the privilege, because as with any new technology or product, costs can be high. Prices vary from $5,999 to $8,999 per year, making it a significant investment for businesses looking to fortify their digital presence and brand.

However, it’s a cost that could quickly be recuperated by saved staff time. There’s also the potential that the tool could protect a business from more than a business may be able to without any help, further boosting security.

On the flip side, some have already started to express concerns about the suppression of potentially legitimate domains having an impact on genuine individuals and businesses.

As ever, there are two sides to any story, but this at least represents a significant step forward in the way businesses can protect their online presence. 

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