ASUS's new routers will come with a top VPN built-in

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NordVPN has partnered with ASUS to integrate its popular VPN service into the hardware giant’s networking devices.

The collaboration will see ASUS routers be among the first to market with built-in NordVPN functionality designed to enhance users’ cybersecurity and privacy.

With a VPN built-in at the access point, users will no longer have to rely on installing VPNs on individual machines. The router integration also enhances protection for devices that aren’t compatible with VPN software.

NordVPN integrates directly with ASUS router

The two models are ASUS RT-AX57 Go, with tri-mode connectivity, and the GT-AX11000 Pro, designed for gamers, are the first router to come with integrated NordVPN functionality, which can be set up via the self-service page.

“We want to increase our contribution to building a better internet by enabling our customers to easily set up VPN services on their routers to protect a full network of their devices," said NordVPN Head of Product Strategy Vykintas Maknickas.

“We are delighted to collaborate with NordVPN to integrate the VPN service into our networking products. The various VPN configuration options within the device offer a flexible deployment of NordVPN to create a private, secure, fast internet exploration experience," added ASUS Corporate Vice President, General Manager of Networking and Wireless Devices Business Unit Tenlong Deng.

NordVPN subscriptions range from £10.39 to £13.19 per month, however longer one and two-year commitments promise significant savings of between 39% and 72%.

The Wi-Fi 6-compatible RT-AX57 Go is priced at £89.99, while the GT-AX11000 Pro model costs £399.99.

Although the lineup currently stands at just two NordVPN-compatible routers, the companies have committed to expanding the lineup to support more models in the future.

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