Many software testers are already using AI - but are they relying on it too much?

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Four in five (78%) software testers have integrated artificial intelligence into their routines to ensure product quality and reliability, according to a new report by digital experience testing cloud provider LambdaTest.

The study of more than 1,600 software testers highlighted that many workers are using AI for test case generation and test analytics in a bid to save them time and explore opportunities that they might previously have missed.

LambdaTest also noted that more companies are implementing testing procedures at earlier stages in order to improve overall quality.

AI is helping app reliability

The report cites another study revealing that 71% of software engineers are concerned about software reliability at their workplace. The research also notes some recent failures, including the “largest and most catastrophic disruption of service since 9/11” to the air traffic sector in the US.

Some of the key areas that benefit from AI during software testing include test data creation (51%), writing code for automated tests (45%), test results analysis and reporting (36%), and formulating test cases (46%).

It is hoped that artificial intelligence can reduce the amount of time workers are spending doing menial tasks. As much as 10% of software tester time is spent setting up and maintaining test environments, and a further 8% is devoted to fixing flaky tests.

Speaking of the three-quarters (74%) of teams lacking a structured prioritization system, LambaTest CEO and Co-Founder Asad Khan said: 

“We understand that while the adoption of AI is a significant step forward, the journey doesn't end here. For example; our study highlights the need to address bottlenecks affecting productivity like brittle tests alongside the set-up and maintenance of test environments.”

Looking ahead, it’s clear that AI tools’ primary function is to aid workers, and not replace them, freeing them up time to spend developing solutions that promise better outcomes.

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