Lots of SMBs think they're doing a great job on selling to customers - but they're wrong

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A new study by GoDaddy has found only 21% of customers feel that small businesses offer a convenient online experience. That’s despite 91% of SMB owners believing that they’re offering up the right experience.

The top website builder platform shares some key insights into the features and functionalities that consumers want on websites, in turn providing SMBs with the insights to improve their online experiences.

The study also highlights differences between age groups, with younger shoppers asking for more digital experiences than more seasoned consumers.

Ecommerce SMBs have a long way to go, yet

Payment options are clearly of great importance to consumers. As many as one in three (34%) prefer to pay online, but then pick up an item in-store, likely to avoid the inconvenience of having to find out that an item is out of stock.

More than four in five Gen Z and Millennial shoppers also noted that easy contactless digital payments are important when it comes to shopping online. While many SMBs have adopted digital checkouts such as Apple Pay, one-quarter (27%) still do not accept digital wallet payments.

In an era of increasing social media shopping trends, younger customers also noted the importance of having a social media storefront, however one-quarter (25%) and one-fifth (19%) of SMBs use this type of experience for physical products and digital products, respectively.

A further 28% of businesses don’t even have an online store, with many choosing third-party resellers like Amazon and eBay to sell their products.

GoDaddy Trends Expert Amy Jennette summarizes the research: “Consumers are ultimately looking for convenience, and if small businesses aren't meeting these expectations, they're likely losing business.”

Overall, the preference differences between Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers are considerable, and SMBs need to evaluate their target audiences in order to ensure that they’re providing all the right tools to make online purchases quick and effortless.

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