GPD's double-foldable convertible laptop will come with AMD's fastest mobile CPU, can display more pixels than a 4K monitor — and comes with an OCuLink connector

GPD Duo Dual-Screen setup
(Image credit: GPD)

GPD, best known for compact gaming devices, is launching its first full-fledged laptop, the Duo Dual-Screen. Initially teased in May 2024, we knew the device would have two foldable 13.3-inch AMOLED Aurora displays offering 10-bit color depth and 1.07 billion colors with touch and stylus input, but other details were uncertain at the time. 

Now the company has revealed more on the “Engineer’s 13.3-inch Productivity Laptop.” The GPD DUO Dual-Screen is powered by an AMD Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 (a step up from the expected AMD Ryzen 7 8840U), with Radeon 890M integrated graphics, 64GB of LPDDR5x 7500MT/s RAM, and a 4TB 2280 SSD (expandable up to 16TB – 8TBx2 in the two M.2 NVMe slots). 

It’s powered by an 80Wh battery with 30.2 hours of battery life and 100W PD fast charging. In terms of ports, it has HDMI 2.1, two USB-A 3.2 Gen1, USB 4, Type-C (full-featured), Type-C (DP Alt), RJ45 port, SD card slot, and an OCuLink port for direct PCIe connection with an effective bandwidth of 63Gbps. That will let you connect an external GPU. It supports Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3. 

Foldable screens

GPD Duo Dual-Screen

(Image credit: GPD)

The screens fold upwards. As GPD says, “AMOLED 2 folds underneath AMOLED 1. After opening the screen, AMOLED 1 can reach a maximum opening angle of 135°, while AMOLED 2 can rotate 360° to the back of AMOLED 1.” They have a 60Hz refresh rate and WQXGA+ (2560x1600) resolution and 10-point touch. The AMOLED 2 can flip 360 degrees, turning the laptop into a tablet. 

GPD says you can expand the device with two additional screens and provides a spectacular mock-up of just how that could look, which you can see at the top of the page.

You can connect your smartphone to AMOLED 2 and mirror the screen there. It also comes with two built-in AAC stereo speakers and a 2.5K HD ultra-wide webcam. 

Size-wise, folded it measures just under the size of A4 - 297mm × 209.65mm - with a thickness of 24mm. 

Pricing and availability haven’t been announced yet, but there’s an Order Now button at the top of GPD's site, which will hopefully do something when clicked on soon.

GPD Duo Dual-Screen configuration

(Image credit: GPD)

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