Canva wants to make printing your designs easier with new HP partnership

Large-format printer being used for industrial-volume printing
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Canva and HP are joining forces to streamline the design-to-print process, and bridge the chasm between designers and local print service providers. 

Promising “unique design-to-print services and experiences” for users, the team-up is set to enhance the Canva Print service by taking advantage of HP’s global print network.

The partnership is the latest in a stream of announcements from the graphic design software platform, which includes the introduction of Canva Enterprise subscriptions and giving away its newly acquired Affinity programs to schools and nonprofits.  

Global design-to-print network

Printing online designs is about as old as the internet itself - even Canva has offered the option with the launch of Canva Print in 2017. So, what does the new partnership really offer? 

The aim, according to the companies, is to let “Canva users to design anything and print anywhere without compromising quality and authenticity.” A one-stop shop from design to print, collected or delivered, with localized production for sustainability.

It’s not a service that’s set to replace the best small business printers just yet. But it does make large-format printers more accessible thanks to HP’s global network of service providers, who now find themselves open for business to Canva’s 185 million monthly users. 

Alongside offering access to industrial-volume HP printers, Canva is drawing on the HP PrintOS Site Flow to automate production and shipping processes for printer service providers. This should, the companies say, “streamline print jobs with auto-scheduling, delivering color consistency, security, barcode tracking, and optimal productivity.”

"We're excited to partner with HP to accelerate the expansion of Canva Print. With our teams working closely on new products and additional PSP locations, we can expand our world-class print capabilities and make it easier than ever for our global community to bring their designs to life,” said Jim Towle, Head of Print and Partnerships, Canva. 

And just to emphasize the closeness of this new friendship, HP also announced it has become one of Canva Enterprise’s first subscribers. Long-missing from the platform, the new subscription plan adds a range of content marketing tools and visual communications templates to attract the attention of big businesses.

  • You can check out Canva Print by clicking here.

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