Canva has a new plan as it continues to court big business

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It’s been missing since Canva launched ten years ago - now, the company is at last introducing an enterprise-level tier to its design platform. 

Aimed at meeting the demands of larger organizations, Canva Enterprise builds on the platform’s graphic design toolset to improve internal and external visual communications. Or, to put it another way, make presentations and data more engaging and readable.

The business-focused subscription plan isn’t the only new addition unveiled at this year’s Canva Create, with new design resources built for a range of departments and teams and an improved interface set for an August release. 

What's new in Canva?

While Canva has grown a reputation as some of the best free graphic design software, it’s done much in the last couple of years to step outside the marketing and social media departments that became its home. With the opening of a new European HQ, and the introduction of the Visual Worksuite - a one-stop shop for businesses, complete with word processor and website builder, the company has made no secret of courting bigger businesses. 

So, what can we expect from Canva Enterprise? Beyond the existing features, the new plan allows companies to grow with secure, scalable cloud storage solutions, while consolidating AI, collaboration tools, and content creation. New brand controls will let organizations manage assets, from what’s on the page to who can share and see it. Canva also promises a host of security features. And, for businesses concerned about using AI for professional use, the company said it is also “including indemnification for AI-generated content for eligible customers.” 

“As demand for visual content soars, navigating organizational complexity is more challenging than ever. We democratized the design ecosystem in our first decade and now look forward to unifying the fragmented ecosystems of design, AI, and workflow tools for every organization in our second decade,” said Melanie Perkins, co-founder and CEO of Canva. 

Alongside Canva Enterprise, comes Canva Work Kits. These new tools are tailored to sales, marketing, creative, and HR departments. With uses cited for pitch decks, job ads, content calendars, and brand strategy docs, the fully customizable, branded kits let users create “templates, from presentations to documents, built to enable teams to scale their output with easy-to-access tools.” And to help onboard users, Canva Courses is designed to help transform existing designs into interactive courses for workplace learning. 

Watch for August, too, when the design platform will also receive a slight facelift. The “glow-up”, as Canva put it, will place more useful tools closer to hand, adds customizable homepages, and gives users more space to create by nudging the ever-present side-bar out of sight when not in use. 

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