Businesses need to be much more open about how they are using AI

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According to new research from project management software provider Asana, while workers are pleased to see AI adoption across their companies, business leaders aren’t being transparent enough about their organizations’ plans.

Less than one-third (30%) of the more than 2,700 British workers surveyed said that they have transparency over their organization’s AI plans. 

The same study found that more execs (39%) thought they were being transparent about their plans, showing a clear disconnect in many companies.

Workers call for AI transparency

Around half (49%) of the workers felt confident that AI would help companies to reach their objectives more effectively, and a further 48% expect their companies to use AI for goal-setting in the future.

The use of AI tools in the workplace is clearly recognized as beneficial by execs and workers alike. Four in 10 employees are currently experiencing burnout, says Asana, with more than nine in 10 wanting to use AI to help ease the stress.

At least half of the workers surveyed would like to see AI being used for development and training, or customer service interactions, respectively, with at least one-quarter also noting hiring processes and decision-making processes as key areas that would benefit from an injection of artificial intelligence.

While it hasn’t quite been one full year since ChatGPT launched in public preview, AI now looks to be a main consideration for many workers. More than half (56%) consider a company’s transparency around AI when planning their careers, with a further 44% wanting to be sure that the company has adopted a human-centered AI approach.

Two in five are also keen for their companies to provide training on AI, with some workers expressing concerns over being left behind.

Asana EMEA GM Sanj Bhayro said: “With leadership guidance, employees are more likely to understand, adopt, and trust how AI could or should be used within companies.”

Anne Raimondi, COO for the company, added: “It’s critical for organisations to build AI strategies around guiding principles that provide clear direction on how AI can, and should, be used.”

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