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Amazon Business has unveiled a new feature set to make it easier for users to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with your large-scale procurement operations.

The new ‘Prefer Small and Medium Enterprises’ tool is designed to boost the discoverability of the tens of thousands of SMEs operating on Amazon Business. It’s designed to cater to the needs of multinational enterprises, FTSE100 companies, universities, government agencies, and healthcare organizations looking to support up-and-coming businesses. 

The free feature highlights sellers with fewer than 250 employees and less than €50 million in revenue to procurement workers.

Big businesses can now support SMEs when buying items

The announcement underscores the importance of SMEs to the economy, affirming that they contribute significantly to both employment and turnover within the private sector. The enhancement comes as a direct response to Amazon’s own research, which suggests that SMEs face challenges in scaling their businesses online effectively.

Amazon also noted that enterprises have started to spend more with SME selling partners on the business-focused ecommerce platform.

Fabricio Pedroza, Director for Amazon Business UK, expressed enthusiasm for the new feature, which is hoped to address two of the challenges faced by the company’s customers. “B2B ecommerce provides significant growth opportunities,” says Pedroza, who hopes the new feature will boost SME sales.

Pedroza added: “We know from our enterprise and public customers that they want to buy more from SMEs in order to support strategic procurement goals such as diversifying their supplier base and mitigating risk.”

The new feature also aligns with recent procurement legislation brought in by the UK government, mandating more consideration for SMEs in public procurement processes in the hope of giving smaller businesses a greater share of annual sales.

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