A whole load of ex-Apple employees have joined Google

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The majority of workers leaving Apple go on to work at Google, according to new research from Switch on Business.

The figures come from an analysis of LinkedIn profiles across the tech sector and reveal career change trends for many key companies, including Apple.

Nearly three in 10 (29%) employees leaving Apple take up new positions at Google, with another 15% heading off to Amazon. Meta, Microsoft, and Tesla round up the top five key destinations for ex-employees.

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Despite the number of employees exiting the company, Switch on Business found even more entering, indicating a potential growth in headcount, though these figures don’t take into account workers entering and exiting via non-rival companies. Around 26% came from Intel, and another 15% came from Microsoft.

The research pays close attention to one company in particular – Intel. Apple previously used Intel chips in its Mac computers. The company’s first M1 ARM SoC was introduced in 2020, and three years later, the Cupertino giant completed the move to 100% Apple silicon when it added its most powerful M-series chips to the Mac Pro, severing the long tie with Intel.

Interestingly, Apple was not a number one destination for employees leaving any of the companies highlighted, which include Amazon, Google, Meta, and Microsoft. Instead, it ranked as the fourth, fourth, second, and fifth favorite place, respectively. It was, in fact, Google, that has proven to be the most popular progression step for employees of these companies.

Switch on Business also uncovered the number of employees at Apple that have previously worked for another tech giant. At just 5.7%, the company ranks ninth among the others considered by the research, trailing far behind Meta in first place, with 26.5% of workers coming from elsewhere.

TechRadar Pro asked both Google and Apple to share their thoughts on the findings, including Apple’s notable recruitment of ex-Intel workers following its move to Intel-free processors. Neither immediately responded, but any update will be posted here.

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