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RoboForm review

An advanced password manager that's cheaper than much of the competition

(Image: © Roboform)

Our Verdict

As tool for managing your passwords – and more – RoboForm is impressive. The only danger is that its bewildering arrangement of features and dated interface may be off-putting to some.


  • Very reasonably priced
  • Cross-platform synching
  • Imports from numerous apps and browsers


  • Looks dated
  • Free version may be enough for many people

RoboForm is something of a stalwart of the password management world, and in its Everywhere incarnation it is a true cross-platform tool, synchronizing passwords – and more – between devices. As well as remembering usernames and passwords for websites, and entering them for you with a click, the app also stores notes, contacts and bookmarks, and can even handle multiple identities if you need to manage work and personal content from the same place.

Extra features include password auditing in the Security Center, form filling, password generation, login sharing, 2FA support, and the frankly bizarre option to print out a list of all your login details. There is also a slightly curious Emergency Access feature which will automatically send your master password to a trusted contact should something happen to you, or if your account isn't used for up to 30 days. 

Pricing is quite reasonable, with a one-year license costing just $23.88 (about £20, AU$35). If you're looking to use the software for longer, things get cheaper. There's a 10% saving on a three-year license, and a 16% discount if you buy a five-year licence – and there's no limit on the number of computers and mobile devices it can be used on.

User experience

There's no avoiding the fact that the main RoboForm app looks dated. The browser plugins are marginally better, but still far from beautiful. The settings are particularly untidy.

If you can turn a blind eye to this, however, you're in for a treat. Existing password lists can be easily imported from browsers and apps, and the browser extension makes light work of saving new entries to the database.

For the most part, RoboForm is simple enough to use. Login details can be automatically saved to the database with ease as the program will recognise the first time you encounter a site that requires credentials. Just try not to spend too much time in the main program interface, as it's a rather unpleasant experience that highlights the fact that while RoboForm is useful, it is very much stuck in the past.

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