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Creative World of Warcraft Wireless headset review

For the Horde! Talk to your Warcraft guild in style – or in a squeaky voice

Creative World of Warcraft Wireless headset
There are more logos coming soon. LAN parties beware...

Our Verdict

It performs brilliantly but feels a bit cheap, even without the gimmicks


  • Excellent sound
  • Voice switching is fun…


  • …but very gimmicky
  • Cheap build quality

This isn't simply a headset, it's a World of Warcraft headset. When you wear it, your ears glow with pride as colour-shifting, pulsating LEDs illuminate your choice of logo. Donning it is like putting on that new helm straight from the Lich King's corpse and… We'll stop there.

Your tolerance for this headset's gimmicks will be entirely down to your love of the game. Either you'll be excited by the idea that you can buy replacement logos for the earpieces, or annoyed that you're expected to buy new ones, and that's your call.

What we can say is that technically, these are good headphones. The build quality isn't the best, feeling distinctly plasticky, but they're extremely solid, and sound great.

The microphone is locked in position and a little sensitive, and could do with a muffler to stop it picking up the air rushing past it, but there'll be no problem hearing or communicating with your guild, either here or in other games.

The big gimmick feature is that you can change your voice. It's standard pitch-shifting stuff, with names like 'Blood Elf Female' or 'Malganis' (oddly, there's no auto-echoing Death Knight) that's fun for a while, but not very convincing.

Luckily, more subtle tweaks are also available, with the interface making it easy to tune up the EQ and THX settings to your liking, as well as saving presets and controlling the system with keystrokes.

It may be expensive, but this is a sound headset indeed.

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