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HP 255 G3 review

A trustworthy and sturdy laptop

HP 255 G3
HP 255 G3

We liked

The G3 is a very affordable laptop from a recognised technology company. This machine is equally at ease in a business environment or in a student's room. It is thinner than what I was expecting and probably slightly lighter as well. On top of that it is well designed and the shift to a gun metal finish actually works well, giving it a fresh new look.

We disliked

A three hour battery life for a non-gaming laptop is a disappointing anomaly that HP should solve with the next iteration. Likewise, a 10/100Mbps Ethernet port is an anachronism given that GbE is now widely available.

Final verdict

This laptop is probably the most powerful new laptop you can purchase for around £200 (around $350, AU$390) with the A4-5000 giving it the edge on its low-cost rivals. Whether it is the best for you depends on your taste though – the diminutive Asus X200MA wins hands-down when it comes to portability and battery life, plus it has a touchscreen display and a tiny power adaptor.

This HP 255 G3 laptop was supplied by Ebuyer and is currently available for £199.98 (around $350, AU$390) including next day delivery. You can add an additional three-year warranty for £56.50 (around $85, AU$110).