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Asus Android Wear will reportedly arrive later but cheaper than its rivals

Moto 360
The Moto 360 looks snazzy but those are not ideal cycling pants

Asus has ostensibly been on board with Android Wear from the beginning, but the company has yet to reveal its plans.

That won't stop the rumor mill, though, and the latest report says that Asus will launch an Android Wear smartwatch in September.

That's somewhat later than competition like LG, Samsung and Motorola debuted their Android Wear watches, but Asus might make up for its tardiness with a lower price point, according to TechCrunch.

This Asus smartwatch will reportedly launch in the fall with an AMOLED display and a price tag between $99 (about £60, AU$105) and $149 (about £90, AU$160).


The site based its report off information from "a source familiar with the company's plans," so don't take it as gospel.

The smartwatch market is fragmented and the devices released so far have been inconsistent. Android Wear is Google's way of fixing that while securing itself a big chunk of the cake by ensuring that Android is essential to the platform.

At Google IO this week several of Google's partners came out of the woodwork to show off their offerings, including Samsung with its Gear Live, Motorola with its Moto 360, and LG with its G Watch.

That trio of strong options may leave companies like Asus and HTC, which was also said to be onboard when Android Wear was announced, eating dust. What can they do to catch up? Right now it sounds like we'll find out in the fall.