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Women's World Cup final helps set Twitter record

Twitter - TPS record set
Twitter - TPS record set

Twitter has announced that the women's World Cup final helped produce a record for the service, with the number of tweets per second reaching a staggering 7,196.

The final, between Japan and the USA was named as the key factor in setting the record, which in all likelihood will be shattered sooner rather than later.

"New Tweets per second records! End of the #wwc final: 7196 TPS. And today's end to the Paraguay/Brazil game is now 2nd with 7166 TPS," stated Twitter's official feed.


The microblogging service is now one of the most influential social networks, with over 600,000 people signing up on one day last week.

It has already been named as a key influencer in everything from the Egyptian revolution to the News of the World hacking scandal that is dominating UK headlines.

The women's World Cup final obviously has global interest, and the USA's presence in the final (although they lost) inevitably helped the record along.

But with numbers of subscribers still growing fast, that tweets per second total is likely to quickly reach five figures.