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Facebook offers 1000 pirated Nintendo games

A new third-party application on social networking site Facebook is enabling users to play over a thousand Nintendo games for absolutely nothing. The original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games can be played through a web-based emulator which can be added to anyone's Facebook profile.

The ' Free NES ' application allows you to play classic games such as the first Mario games and Disney games such as Aladdin [pictured[. Our sister games site CVG says the application is "blatant piracy".

NES emulators have been available to download from less-than-legitimate sources for many years, but never before has a respectable site like Facebook acted as a platform for such dodgy shenanigans.

We gave some of the games a try and despite running in an extremely tiny little on-screen box, they seem to play pretty well. However, we fully expect 'Free NES' to be jettisoned from the Facebook site sooner rather than later, but who knows, maybe Nintendo won't care?