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Twitter passes the 5 billion 'tweet' mark

Life is tweet for Twitter
Life is tweet for Twitter

Twitter has had it 5 billionth tweet, according to which measure's the micro-blogging service's site traffic.

If you have never been to GigaTweet, the third party app is a simple one which offers up a continual count of all the tweets sent on Twitter every second.

Watching the clock continually count up all that is going on within the Twitterverse is mesmerising stuff!

Tweet lord

The site clocked the 5 billionth tweet this week, with CNET believing the person who sent the Tweet to be Robin Sloane a former executive of Current Media, with his post simply saying: 'Oh lord'.

And what does he get for achieving this accolade? Well, his status for that tweet does have 5000000000 at the end of it, and that is of course something to cherish forever.

While 5 billion is an immense figure for any website, what makes the feat so much more unbelievable is that Twitter only hit the 1 billion mark last November – having been around since 2006.