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Facebook to 'launch something awesome' next week

Facebook - "awesome" mobile stuff incoming
Facebook - "awesome" mobile stuff incoming mobile

Facebook is planning an assault on the mobile market next week, with the social network announcing it is about to "launch something awesome".

Facebook is currently working on a new app optimised for iPad but it is also said to be working on another mobile product which is photo sharing for the iPhone.

All we know about the apparent product launch is that CEO Mark Zuckerberg told journalists that the Seattle office was the place where mobile developments were taking place and that next week's launch would be "awesome".

Social mobile

It's no surprise that Facebook is looking closely at its mobile offering. Google has just launch its own social network, with Google+, and it has been designed to work as a seamless mobile experience.

Despite the popularity of Facebook, its mobile output has been quaint at best, with both its iPhone and Android apps still lacking in some functionality.

Facebook for the iPad should hopefully bring the company up to speed with the mobile world.