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Facebook ordered to hand over troll IDs

Facebook ordered to hand over troll IDs
Nobody likes a troll

Facebook is to release the identity of trolls who bullied a woman over the social network.

A court has ordered the social network to give up the information after Nicola Brookes was harassed for months by anonymous internet types.

Brookes' heinous crime? Supporting disgraced X-Factor brat Frankie Cocozza in a status update.

This sparked a flow of abuse, with one person allegedly creating a fake profile in her name and using it to send X-rated messages to other Facebookers.

The trolls also published Brookes' home address and stalked her across the internet.

Someone call Intertrol

Facebook has faced criticism before for not doing enough to stop bullying on the site, leading it to increase reporting controls across the social network.

A spokesperson said, "There is no place for harassment on Facebook, but unfortunately a small minority of malicious individuals exist online, just as they do offline."

Facebook required the court order before it would hand over the perps' details – Rupinder Bains, Brookes' solicitor, explained, "Basically we need to show it's in the interests of justice... we need to prove the third party, namely Facebook, isn't just a mere witness but is in fact involved in the wrongdoing, albeit innocently, but they are involved.

"We were able to meet that criteria and hence the order was granted."

From BBC