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Facebook face detection tech goes worldwide

Face detection - it is called Facebook, after all
Face detection - it is called Facebook, after all

Facebook has confirmed that its face detecting 'tag suggestions' system has now rolled out to the whole world, having been in use in the USA since December 2010.

The new tech sees Facebook keeping track of what faces are tagged with which names so it can begin suggesting who's in your photos as you upload them.

The idea is to save the time and effort that all that pesky manual tagging requires, but some paranoid androids are upset that Facebook rolled the new feature out with no warning.

Face time

Face detecting does mean that Facebook is storing extra data on you, but it's not hugely different to it knowing what your face looks like when you're manually tagged in a photo anyway, as far as we see it.

Still, if you're concerned that Facebook can recognise your face, you can opt out of being automatically tagged in any photographs your friends upload.

So today's screaming headlines aren't wrong; Facebook does knows what you look like. Just like it always has.