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Wii Movie store launching in UK soon?

Will you be streaming movies via your Wii sometime soon?
Will you be streaming movies via your Wii sometime soon?

Lionsgate's President of Digital Media expects the Wii's movie store should be launching worldwide sometime very soon.

Lionsgate's Curt Marvis wants to see the service move beyond Japan, obviously because he wants to sell more of his company's movies to the burgeoning (potential) audience of Wii gamers worldwide.

Marvis told Casualgaming that he "imagines the Wii's movie store will launch worldwide soon... the essential point is that the game machine is already connected into the TV, and we see it as a major conduit inside the home to bring movies via the internet into the television.

Wii is mass-market

He also noted that the Wii audience was slightly different from that of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 audience, in terms of the types of movies Lionsgate would like to sell to them.

"Our horror and action movies are ideal for the Xbox and PlayStation's hardcore audience, while the broader audience of the Wii are likely to enjoy our more mass-market properties," said the Lionsgate boss.

TechRadar has contacted Nintendo UK for further comment on this story, so stay tuned.

Via Joystiq.