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PC gaming grows 20 per cent in 2010

PC Gaming - still alive and doing science
PC Gaming - still alive and doing science

The PC Gaming Alliance have released figures suggesting that PC gaming is on the up – with a 20 per cent growth in revenue in 2010 to $16.2 billion (£9.93bn).

The death knell has been sounded for the PC as a gaming platform with depressing regularity, despite the massive revenue generated not only by headline first person shooters and real time strategy games but also the mighty MMOs.

Although it has a vested interest in pushing the PC gaming agenda the PCGA suggests in its annual Horizon report – put together in conjunction with DFC Intelligence – that revenue is climbing.

China shop

The burgeoning Chinese market generated $4.8 billion (£2.94 bn) alone last year, and games sales in other key markets – including the UK, along with US, Japan, Korea and Germany – grew 19 per cent to $7.3 billion ($4.5 bn).

Digital distribution is pegged as a key reason for the growth – with more profit going direct to the games makers – and the report suggests that current PC gaming distribution giant Steam is likely to face some major competition going forward.

The report suggests that the PC market could reach $23 billion by 2014 – which suggest there is still life in the ol' PC gaming dog yet.

Via IGN and PCGamer