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MI6 looks to Facebook for new recruits

MI6 looking to Facebook for the new James Bond
MI6 looking to Facebook for the new James Bond

In a not-so secret attempt to get people to join up to the Secret Intelligence Service, MI6 is looking to Facebook for new employees.

The Foreign Office is the driving force behind the, er, recruitment drive and has confirmed in a statement that it is looking to social network sites for its 'open' recruitment drive.

"The open recruitment campaign continues to target wide pools of talent representative of British society today," said a Foreign Office spokesperson.

"A number of channels are used to promote job opportunities in the organisation. Facebook is a recent example."

MI6 advertising

MI6 will be using the website to advertise positions within its intelligence sector. It also has an official group, the Secret Intelligence Service group, where over 1,200 wannabe spies have signed up.

With their own names.

Which probably means they have all fallen at the first hurdle to becoming a secret spy.