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Facebook's Live Feed takes on Twitter

Facebook looks to micro-blogging
Facebook looks to micro-blogging

If you thought Facebook couldn't get any more addictive, think again. The social network site, as part of its ongoing refurbishment, has added a Live Feed to the website.

Instead of religiously checking through the website for various updates, you can now simply click on Live Feed in the News Feed section and you are presented with a long list of EVERYTHING your friends are doing. Well, as long as they are doing it on Facebook.

Life update

Although this Live Feed is nothing revolutionary, it does mean that site is moseying into the territory of micro-blogging sites like Twitter.

It also means that prying eyes can now track your every movement without ever actually looking at your homepage – as long as they are a 'friend', of course.

The popularity of micro-blogging has exploded recently, with everyone from journalists to socialites using the likes of Twitter to update fellow 'Tweets' to their every move.

Facebook's 'Status Update' system was previously the only form of micro-blogging the site has embraced.