Your Xbox One home screen is in for a small spring cleaning

The only thing constant in life is change. I’m sure when French classical author François de la Rochefoucauld said that he wasn’t talking about the Xbox One but, surprisingly, the same holds true here, too. 

The Xbox One, never one to miss a monthly update, is getting a spring cleaning starting this week that will change the look and feel of the home screen. A full list of these changes can be found over at Major Nelson’s blog but we’ll save you a trip by listing some of the most notable changes down below.

Two minor changes are coming to the profile and activity feed screens that will allow you to jump into friends’ broadcasts quicker using the new ‘join broadcast’ button and highlight your favorite new achievement using the ‘pin post’ option in activity feed.

However, the major updates that will directly impact how you the home screen actually looks and functions are the ones coming to the LFG or Looking for Group. From now on instead of letting any old noobie into your group, you’ll be able to see relevant stats – like kill/death ratio in first-person shooters, plus other metrics like rank or score. 

In addition to filtering potential team mates by their stats, you’ll also be able to filter them by which achievement they’re chasing using the new tagging system. 

Lastly, you can see previous LFG posts that you have created, participated or shown interest in, and can copy them to create new posts – a handy time-saving feature if you’re hunting for the same achievement tonight as you were last night. 

These changes are small footnotes on the Xbox One’s growing list of features, but they’ll be appreciated by some goal-oriented gamers nonetheless.

Nick Pino

Nick Pino is Managing Editor, TV and AV for TechRadar's sister site, Tom's Guide. Previously, he was the Senior Editor of Home Entertainment at TechRadar, covering TVs, headphones, speakers, video games, VR and streaming devices. He's also written for GamesRadar+, Official Xbox Magazine, PC Gamer and other outlets over the last decade, and he has a degree in computer science he's not using if anyone wants it.