Your workplace Slack could be about to get a whole host of new expansions

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Your company Slack could soon get a whole lot more interactive with the launch of the messaging platform’s new API, three years in the making.

The moves come after complaints that creating custom integrations has been “too darn difficult,” says Taylor Singletary, Head of Developer Relations, who recognizes the successes that customers have had with automations in Workflow Builder.

Reaching the end of beta testing, the company has now announced four key elements of its next-generation release that are set to make building integrations easier for businesses using the online collaboration platform.

Slack API for easier integrations

The platform has now been built on a modular architecture incorporating reusable functions, triggers, and workflows to simplify the building process. The developer experience also promises to be faster and more intuitive, pulling on tools like Slack CLI and TypeScript SDK.

Slack hopes to appeal to those with an eye on security with mention of its in-house-managed, serverless infrastructure for storage and deployment. Finally, the company promises a flexible user experience built around collaboration and sharing.

The announcement also touches on the company’s Workflow Builder which is set to get a pretty hefty shakeup, with plans for it to become a “supercharged no-code tool.”

In recognition that “not all workflows are the same,” Slack has announced a tiered model relating to Standard workflows (free of charge) and Premium workflows (chargeable beyond threshold), with the latter using custom-coded functions. 

Pricing also takes into account how often someone in your company runs a Premium workflow.

To get started, Slack is offering customers a six-month period through October 31, 2023, for users to run unlimited Premium workflows.

More information on the Slack updates is available on the company’s website.

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