Your Google Meet meetings could soon be a lot more interactive

Logitech Scribe
(Image credit: Logitech)

Google has announced support for whiteboard cameras on its popular video conferencing app beginning with the Logitech Scribe.

With this news, the company hopes to make hybrid collaboration via Google Meet, easier, enabling colleagues to physically whiteboard in person while keeping virtual colleagues present via a live stream.

This represents the emergence of a new type of content camera that allows hosts to present a physical whiteboard without the presenter blocking the view from a camera placed in the center of the room - an overhead camera minimizes this distraction.

Google Meet whiteboard camera support

At launch, the Logitech Scribe is the only camera that gains Google Meet certification. The Scribe is a $1,200 device capable of filming in 1080p at 15fps, which leverages AI to present a clearer view of the physical whiteboard from an overhead filming position.

Google said in its announcement: “Additional partnerships will be explored to expand our content camera support.”

Changes have been made to the Meet UI to now incorporate a “Whiteboard camera” option when users select “Present to the meeting”.

The update will start rolling out gradually at the end of June, and users will be able to use the Logitech Scribe to present as soon as the feature becomes available. Google explains: 

“There is no end user setting for this feature. In order to use the whiteboard feature, a Logitech Scribe must be plugged into a Google Meet hardware device.”

While whiteboard cameras can be pricey for businesses, they are likely to present a more affordable option compared with installing a large interactive touchscreen. Many users will also prefer to brainstorm with a physical pen and whiteboard, rather than digitally.

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