Your free PS5 warranty is about to expire, so don't wait around for a repair

Sony PS5 console standing up
(Image credit: Sony)

If you bought your PS5 at launch, listen up – your 12-month warranty is about to expire.

So if you've been putting up with rest mode issues, GPU problems, or anything else to do with your launch-day PS5, now is the time to get the console fixed for free. After November 11, you won't be covered by the manufacturer's warranty anymore.

"If you bought your PS5 at launch in the USA, that means you only have a few days left on your one-year warranty," wrote blakepro on Reddit (opens in new tab) (thanks, GamesRadar+ (opens in new tab)). "So if you've been just living with various issues like the rest mode bug (opens in new tab), network issues that make the system unplayable, GPU problems, etc. I highly recommend that you seek a warranty repair before your window closes.

"I know a lot of people have been holding on, waiting to see if a firmware update would fix whatever problem you're dealing with (myself included) but I finally decided that I was out of time and I got my system repaired by Sony and my problem (rest mode bug) has been completely resolved. 

"Don't put it off any longer, you deserve to have a working system," the helpful Redditor advised. 

If you're in Europe and wondering how this might affect you, panic not – the warranty in Europe lasts two years, so there's a full year left to go. Costco shoppers in the US might not have to worry yet, either; it's noted later in the thread that Costco's unique return policy "is infinite more or less" (opens in new tab).

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While the PS5 has been deemed to be a generally well-made product, faults can occur with any piece of hardware. Whether it's a disc drive that refuses to eject a CD or the aforementioned Rest Mode issues, if your PS5 is exhibiting any sort of technical problems that you know aren't normal, it's best to get it fixed now.

One manufacturing fault that is unfortunately common is stick drift on the PS5 DualSense controller. Again, Sony's new pad will be covered under the initial 12-month warranty, so don't wait around if your controller is suffering from the dreaded stick drift. After all, it's sadly inevitable that stick drift will occur.

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