You'll soon be able to show off your coding skills in Google Docs

Google Workspace
(Image credit: Google)

Google has announced a new feature to make it easier for developers to collaborate and share code in its word processor software.

Initially announced in the company’s roadmap, the company explained that users can now paste code into a Google Docs document and then manually apply styles by highlighting syntax, indentations, new lines, and spaces. 

While it has long been possible to do this, it hasn’t exactly drawn programmers to Google Workspace, but as more businesses use the platform to manage their productivity tools, the company has now announced an even easier formatting option.

Coding in Google Docs

Users can now follow the Insert > Building blocks > Code block menu to automatically format highlighted text, or use the ‘@’ shortcut to find a code block. 

It’s also set to work with markdown, where users will be able to open up the formatting by typing ``` followed by enter. Other markdowns include a combination of asterisks and underscores for italic and bold, for example.

Google Docs code sharing

(Image credit: Google Workspace)

Google says that it works with industry standards to help make coding more readable, giving a handy boost to collaboration where other office apps fail. A screenshot on the company’s website shows the availability of C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, and a final Unset option.

Rollout to rapid release domains has already started, and scheduled release domains are set to get the update in early January 2023. As ever, a period of 15 days may apply before you get to see the update, and that’s if you have an eligible account.

It’s available to Google Workspace Business Standard/Plus, Enterprise Standard/Plus, Education Standard/Plus, and Nonprofit account holders, which means that many Essentials-branded Workspace accounts and personal accounts will have to make do with manual formatting, for now at least, which is bad news for hobbyists and programmers flying solo who don’t want to pay for an unnecessarily high Workspace subscription.

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