You will soon be able to buy the Nokia Steel HR in rose gold


One of the best hybrid watches released last year came from Nokia with the Steel HR and now the firm is releasing a new color option at CES 2018.

The Nokia Steel HR will soon be released in rose gold when previously you could only buy it with a silver body. With the silver body you had the choice of either a black or white watch face and you've still got that choice with the rose gold variant.

There's aren't any new features here - it's a different color and it's not the first time we've seen a rose gold version of the Nokia Steel either.  

The full color range for the Nokia Steel HR

We've yet to hear word whether the company will release a jet black variant of the Nokia Steel HR, like it did for the non-heart rate tracking watch.

You'll be able to buy the rose gold version of the Nokia Steel HR during February this year, but the company has yet to say what markets will get the new color variant or if it'll cost the same as the normal version.

New products too

The company also announced a new product at the show called Nokia Sleep. It's a Wi-Fi enabled sleep sensor that slips under your sheets to monitor your night's sleep every time you crawl into bed without you having to wear annoying gadgets on your wrist.

All of the behavior details from your night's sleep will then appear within the Health Mate App and it'll give you further insights into how you can improve your sleep quality.

The Nokia Sleep pad slips under your bed sheets to track the quality of your rest.

Plus if you own an Amazon Echo product, you can now connect your Nokia Health Mate app with it to get details on your progress directly from Alexa.

For example, if you use a Nokia fitness tracker you can say to your Echo, "Alexa, ask Nokia how many steps before I reach my goal?" to get your stats for that day. 

The new Alexa integration will work with the Nokia Sleep, Nokia's smart scale products, as well as the Steel HR, Steel and Go and will launch in the coming days.

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