Xiaomi somehow managed to deliver a cheap monitor that looks gorgeous

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What is it? This is a Xiaomi-branded monitor and like anything Xiaomi, it tries to set itself apart by combining great looks and a surprisingly low price tag. 

What makes it special? Call us vain but if we have to stare at a monitor the whole day, then we'd love to have something that's at least good looking. The Xiaomi Mi Display definitely falls in this category with millimetre-thick bezels. 

How much does it cost? It's available at Banggood for $145.99 (about £110/AU$197) until the end of the year when you use code BGDec03c at checkout, a code that applies to the US Warehouse. That's an extra $34 off the current sale price of $180. Overall, you get a mind-blowing 62% discount on the suggested retail price of $390. Jaw-dropping.

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Xiaomi 23.8-inch slim monitor: $389.99 $145.99 at BanggoodSave $244BGDec03c US warehouse
A cheap yet stunni...

Xiaomi 23.8-inch slim monitor: $389.99 $145.99 at Banggood
Save $244 by using the exclusive code BGDec03c at checkout (offer expires on December 31, applies to US warehouse). This is a sleek and stylish monitor that looks good and looks good.

What else should we know? The XMMNT238CB (its real name) has a real IPS display, a 23.8-inch/605mm display measured diagonally and a pitch size of 0.275 × 0.275mm. On top of that, It consumes up to 24W of power, has a full HD resolution, a 178 degrees viewing angle, a brightness of 250 nits and has a typical contrast ratio of 1000:1.

Why buy it? There are quite a few monitors that are available at this price (and much less) but very few deliver the sort of clean, aesthetically eye pleasing package that the Xiaomi delivers. Just look at the stand.

Any cons? Your definition of cons may vary from mine. This monitor deliberately adopts a minimalist design (which helps keep the weight of the display at only 4.2Kg). There's no speakers, no VESA mount, no audio out, a single HDMI port and no support for pivoting. Want something cheap and cheerful (but not a patch on the Xiaomi monitor)? Then try the Spectre 24-inch E248W-1920 which costs $99.99 at Walmart.

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