Xbox Series X Mini Fridge pre-orders open today – here's how to get one

A glimpse at the open Xbox Mini Fridge
(Image credit: Xbox)

Be careful what you wish for – what started out as a joke is a now a real-life product you can buy. Yep, from today you can pre-order the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge.

Initially designed to raise a laugh based on the new console's slight similarity in shape to a fridge, the creation of a one-off full size fridge (complete with built-in Xbox Series X), has now led to this mini-fridge spin off that anyone can buy. 

Sadly, this one doesn't include the console itself, but it can fit in 10 cans of your favorite gamer juice, with two door shelves for snacks. It also features a USB charging port and a DC converter for using the fridge on the go.

"What started as a viral meme became a life-size reality when we created the world’s first-ever, fastest, and most powerful Xbox Series X Fridge, a 6-foot, 400 pound, 1:1 scale replica of our beloved console," Microsoft said in a post to the Xbox Wire

"But we didn’t stop there. After an all-out Twitter war and battle of the brands, Xbox came out on top with your votes, so we vowed to make your mini fridge memes a reality. We surprised fans with a first-look at the design at the end of our Xbox E3 Showcase, and now the time has come to give our fans what they’ve been waiting for just in time for the holidays. Introducing Xbox Series X Replica 'Mini Fridge.'"

Where to pre-order the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

Those wanting a chill brew with a touch of Xbox can order the fridge from retailer Target in the US for $99.99. In the UK, Game is selling the fridge for £89.99, while in Europe it's at GameStop EU and Micromania for 99 Euros. 

If you live elsewhere, Microsoft still has plans to widen the fridge's availability, with plans to "continue to expand regional availability in 2022, pending regulatory approvals and restrictions by market."

Now all it needs to do is make enough actual Xbox Series X consoles to go with it.

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