Liquid box office in meltdown

The Edinburgh Fringe has been beset with box-office problems

The company running the box office at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival has gone bust. The computer system controlling ticket sales – run by Pivotal Integration Ltd – had been plagued with problems since its introduction in June.

Sales to many of the Fringe's 2,000 odd events (some very odd indeed) were suspended following crashes in the electronic system known as the Liquid Box Office. One organiser claimed that the computer failure, caused by its inability to deal with customer demand, almost led to the 'commercial death' of the Fringe. The results of an independent inquiry will be published in November.

Glasgow kiss

The Fringe Festival ends August 25 but its director, Jon Morgan, claimed that despite Glasgow-based Pivotal going into administration there would be: "no impact on ticketing services during the last week of the Fringe".

Pivotal won a contract with Glasgow city council in 2006, but the rival Scottish city is not thought to be under suspicion for any involvement in the fiasco, though it has been asked not to leave the country during the investigation.