One More Thing: Google's having a giraffe with .lol domain plans

One More Thing: Google's having a giraffe with .lol domain plans
Oh Google, you card

MEGALOLZ dot lol - Google's been snapping up a bunch of new domain suffixes, the most noteworthy of which is .lol. We can pretty much guarantee any .lol website will contain the websites least likely to make us laugh out loud. If you have to tell us that it's meant to be funny, you're pretty much doing comedy wrong. Got that, Mock the Week? [Telegraph]

Thrify dot lol - Moneysavingexpert has just been sold to MoneySupermarket for the frankly ridiculous sum of £87 million. Founder Martin Lewis promises to give £10 million of his cut to charity and retain editing rights over the website for the next three years, not that he'll need to do much penny pinching during that time amirite. Also please can someone ask if he'll lend us a fiver. [PA]

Hello dot lol – Google's full of fun today - next to get the Easter Egg treatment is its Knowledge Graph semantic search. Try Lionel Richie, for example. Dot Lol. [TNW]


I can see it in your eyes, I can see it in your smiiiile

Not amused dot lol - Sometimes we wonder if people really care that the Queen's been on the throne for 60 years or if the Jubilee is solely an excuse to schill Brit-branded tat? Related: Swiftkey now lets your opt for the Queen's English so you can litter your texts with Liz-like affectations. [Gizmodo UK]

Down dot lol - Facebook was down for a bit but it's fine now. [BBC]

Case dot lol - Threadless and Griffin are back with a new fange of iPad folios and iPhone cases, and they're all jolly lovely. [Engadget]


Angles dot lol – The Sony World Photography Awards 2013 are open for entries so if you think you're in with a shot (dot lol) then head over to for all the rules, regs and juicy prize info. [PR]

Ticket prices dot lol - Ticketmaster has released an iPhone app. You can browse stuff and buy tickets and all that jazz. Great, yeah, but why on earth wasn't this invented sooner? [PR]

Flicks dot lol – Netflix has updated its iOS app so you can now stream movies exclusively over Wi-Fi thus saving your data allowance for all those unflattering drunken pictures and musings that simply must be shared on Facebook immediately etc etc dot lol. Other improvements include easier access to your sharing options, simplified on-screen controls and subtitle options. [GigaOm]

Simply won't do dot lol – You can just forget about fibre broadband if we have to put up with more of those ugly green boxes on the streets of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Such is the gist of the disagreement between the aforementioned borough's council and BT, to the point where BT has actually pulled the plug on the borough's fibre aspirations. Oof. [Independent]

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