Irish traffic computer fines 'Mr Driving Licence'

Speed camera
Mr Driving Licence had chalked up over 50 offences to his name…

The identity of one of Ireland's "most reckless drivers", Prawo Jazdy, has finally been exposed after clocking up over 50 speeding fines and parking tickets on the Garda Pulse computer system. 'Prawo Jazdy', it turns out, isn't the name of an exceptionally reckless driver, but, in fact, "the Polish for 'driving licence'."

It was only after an official realised the true meaning of the phrase and checked the Pulse system that the full extent of the mistake was uncovered. "It is quite embarrassing to see that the system has created Prawo Jazdy as a person with over 50 identities," said the Garda traffic division operative. "He can also be found on the Fixed Charge Processing System as well."

The Polish paper licence was apparently phased out in 2004 – to be replaced with the EU version, which brandishes the words 'Prawo Jazdy' in large at the top. The system has now been updated to advise officials of the layout of foreign driving licences.

Pull the other one

English police, meanwhile, seem to have been faring little better after managing to fit a British man with an electronic device – to his fake leg.

Bret Ravenhill was given the tag to ensure he obeyed a curfew after being charged for possession of cannabis. He claims the officer failed to notice his leg was metal and detachable.

Ravenhill expressed concern for the public ("what if they'd done the same thing to an armed robber?"), but denies leaving the house during his curfew.

News in brief

LG revealed the world's first transparent mobile phone this week (a good accessory for China's transparent city?), while designer Alexander Kotlyareysky's 'Swordfish' redefined the hubless bike with his curved concept.

And - for reasons we don't understand - Lilly Allen's online game somehow attracted over two million users, it was reported this week. Launched two months ago, Escape the Fear is a Flash game promoting Allen's second album It's Not Me, It's You.

Gadget therapy

Ever thought about cleaning yourself with a mouse? Hmmm, now you can, thanks to this bizarre soap-mouse from a Taiwan retailer.

Even less purposeful, perhaps, are the wearable suits we spotted this week from Sears. Recycled out of plastic bottles, they're unlikely to be the most fashionable items in your wardrobe.

And finally…

But winner of the pointless tech awards goes unanimously to the designers behind the NVDRS MP3 cassette tape, which is, in fact, a digital player. Boasting all the trappings of a retro cassette, the device comes in 45/60/90 minute capacities – and requires the user to manually rotate the spools "with your finger or a pencil".

The tiny memory size, combined with the hassle of having to wind it up, make it seem unlikely that the NVDRS will reach shelves any time soon.

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