Huawei's tiny internet of things OS is just 10KB

Huawei will be in here soon!

Huawei wants a piece of the Internet of Things (IoT) market and is pinning its hopes on a tiny operating system designed to go inside any device.

First reported by the Financial Times, the LiteOS is the "lightest" piece of software in its class. At just 10KB, developers can install the new open platform onto just about anything creating all sorts of smart devices whether they be a car, wearable, smart thermostat or anything else.

IoT devices won't bear Huawei's name if William Xu, Huawei's head of strategy and marketing, is to be believed, after he told the same publication that the company doesn't currently plan on building any of its own devices.

Open source or not?

So far, it's unclear whether the LiteOS will be fully open sourced, but the company confirmed that it will support "zero configuration, auto-discovery, and auto-networking". What the platform will allow Huawei to do is get involved in the IoT market, which it predicts will be comprised of some 100 billion connections by 2025.

Creating operating systems to support the legion of "things" that are part of the IoT is fast becoming a popular way for companies to jump on the bandwagon. ARM's mBed IoT OS is one such example, whilst Citrix became the latest to launch a platform geared towards enterprise collaboration just last week.