5 intriguing future AV technologies

Futurologist Ian Pearson peered into his crystal ball at an LG event in London today, and let a select few journalists, including TechRadar, into what he thinks will happen in the future of display and videogame technology.

His talk comes after LG announced its latest gaming monitor to hit the UK, the W2363V – LG's first gaming monitor with a 2ms response time.

But, as you will soon find out, 2ms response is nothing compared to what is just around the corner.

Wraparound display glasses


Monitor technology yet is not fully immersive. I can't wait for the next generation to come when I can get the video visors from the likes of LG.

I will be able to put these visors on, with a full screen showing a display the same as 40-inch, 50-inch, 60-inch monitor. But it's fully wraparound, as much as my retina can cope with.

Active contact lenses

contact lens

In 2020, you will be either using a digital visor or have active contact lenses in your eyes.

These will directly beam lasers on to your retina, using micro-mirrors, and will also be truly wraparound. Everywhere your eyes look, you will see the image appropriate to that direction.

Emotion TVs

face emotion

Yes you can make a display which is high resolution, ergonomic, big and doesn't use very much power. But you also have to tap into the emotions of the person using that display.

So, when your pulse rate increases, TVs should be able to measure that. You can already change the backdrop of the colour of your TV set and the next step is the music that's being sent to you through a videogame.

TVs should be able to change depending on the fear you feel when you are just about to get killed in a computer game.

How to deliver that emotional content will be absolutely paramount for the next generation of screens that we see.

Digital jewellery

3m pro

What we are really heading towards is digital jewellery. Essentially, all the IT you currently own will continue to miniaturise until it is the size of a small piece of jewellery.

In fact, a tail-pin in 2020 will hold all the technology that you need. We are already seeing this miniaturisation in the mobile phone market and it will continue down this road.

Active skin

wii skin

The future generation of gaming technology will active skin. This is where you start printing electronics on to your skin surface, which actually goes right into the nerve endings beneath your skin.

In 2025 you will go into a clinic on a Saturday morning and get active skin printed on your finger tips, so when you push the buttons you will feel the same nerve signals that you would if you were actually in the game.

Of course, you will get that done on your entire body, so if someone hits you in the nose or shoots you with a plasma cannon, you will feel it.

Marc Chacksfield

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