With 18 ports, this is probably the most well-connected laptop docking station around

HyperDrive Gen2 docking station - $199.99 at B&H

HyperDrive Gen2 docking station - $199.99 at B&H
(roughly £150)
This laptop docking station is unbelievably well stacked, allowing you to connect up to 18 pieces of kit at once - monitor, external storage, mouse, keyboard etc. Check it out now!

The rise of thin and light laptops means users are not always thinking about connectivity when choosing their next business notebook. Instead, battery life and portability are very often the two most important factors.

This partly explains the newfound popularity of laptop docking stations and USB-C hubs, which effectively multiply the number of ports on any given laptop. One particular docking station, the HyperDrive Gen2, offers even greater connectivity than the rest.

It hooks up to a computer via USB-C and allows the device to connect to a maximum of 18 peripherals, storage devices and monitors. Despite the number of ports, it's also absolutely tiny (at only 133 x 95 x 44mm) and weighs just over 600g.

It can connect to up to three 4K displays at once, although technically you could attach two more displays on top (one to legacy VGA and another through the USB Type-C port).

There’s a Gigabit Ethernet port, a total of seven USB ports (three USB 2.0, two 10Gbps USB-A and two USB-C, one with a rated 100W power delivery) and two memory card readers (microSD and SD).

Other surprising features include an optical audio connector, a digital coaxial audio connector and an optional 180W DC power port.

Available at under $199 (roughly £150), the HyperDrive Gen2 is a serious bargain.

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