Windows 10 update solves some of the nastiest bugs plaguing the OS

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Windows 10 has witnessed the arrival of a new update which fixes a host of bugs, including some of the nastier ones which have been affecting May 2020 Update users for some time.

Note that patch KB4577063 is actually a preview update for Windows 10 May 2020 Update, and an optional one as such – meaning that in the Windows Update panel (in Settings) you’ll need to click on ‘View optional updates’ to see it.

The patch includes a fix for an issue which causes games that use spatial audio to stop working, and also resolves a couple of by now infamous recent bugs: the one that kills Windows Subsystem for Linux with an ‘element not found’ error when you try and run it, and a problem with some LTE modems which can take out the user’s internet connection.

So it’s up to you if you want to install the update right now, and whether you need to do that probably depends on whether you’re suffering at the hands of one of the major bugs that it cures.

Reality check

Those affected by the latter two problems in particular could well be rushing to install this preview update. Windows Mixed Reality headset owners may be doing the same, too, as it resolves a number of problems for these devices, and adds support for some new Windows Mixed Reality motion controllers.

There are a whole load of other bug fixes applied here, and you can check out the full list by heading over to Microsoft’s support document.

Installing this preview update will change the build number of Windows 10 May 2020 Update to version 19041.546, and Microsoft is also pushing this out for testers of the imminent October 2020 Update who will be on build 19042.546.

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