WhatsApp to give more control to users over Disappearing Messages

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WhatsApp was previously testing out changes to its disappearing messages feature. The company is now testing out additional functionality to keep some of the messages from being deleted permanently. According to a new report by WABetaInfo, any messages which are deemed to be critical to the members of the group can be marked as exceptions. At this point in time, there is not much information about how the feature works. We can expect more information from the blog in the coming weeks as testing progresses.

WABetaInfo can show screenshots of the feature though and we might see a few similarities to the starred messages. The ‘Kept Messages’ section will allow all users to view and manage the past messages which were saved. From what we know, starred messages also work similarly but without informing other members of a group. The screenshot also confirms that both of the features will be working simultaneously in the app.

WhatsApp groups have Keep Messages section

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More control over messages

Disappearing messages were originally announced with a set timeline of 7 days. But the feature has now been expanded to allow users to choose to clear the group chats even after 90 days. WhatsApp is also soon expected to bring more features that will bring more control over your chats.

The company was previously reported to test out additional ways of setting disappearing messages. When a user turns on the feature, only chats that come after the setting has been applied will be cleared in the specified time duration. But users may soon be able to set the same settings for all of their existing chats as well.

A UI change is also due

WhatsApp for Android interface

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WhatsApp could also use a change in the interface. The app is expected to see minor changes in the tabs to the top and an extra feature to filter through chats. But the UI has aged a lot and it would be great if the company would refresh it too. While the iOS version has an entirely different UI, the Android version of the instant messaging app has remained almost the same. While you can change the themes and backgrounds for a more personalized experience, I’m personally in favour of the default theme on Android. 

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