WhatsApp on web and desktop gain simple image editing tools

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One of the most exciting features coming to WhatsApp is undoubtedly multiple device support - and it's already available for beta testers to try out. But development of the ever-popular chat app continues, and there are more changes and additions to look out for.

Generally speaking, it is the iOS and Android apps that are updated with the latest options fastest, and they are often used at the testing ground for new features. But this time around it is users of the desktop and web versions of WhatsApp that are being treated to new image editing tools.

Before you get too excited, take a moment to get your expectations at a reasonable level. WhatsApp is indeed getting some image editing tools, but they are simple – think annotations, overlays and the like.

WABetaInfo first reported on this and refer to the new tools as "drawing tools", and you may feel that this is an accurate description. Despite the simplicity of what's available, the tools are no less useful.

Keep it simple

Being able to make simple edits, additions and censorship without the need to fire up a full-blown image editor is a big plus. You can adorn images you attach to messages with emoji, stickers and text, draw over the top to either highlight or hide portions of the images, as well as cropping and rotating.

The tools are in the process of rolling out to everyone. If you don’t yet see the drawing / image editing options in your WhatsApp account in the desktop or web app, there is nothing you need to do – nor indeed that you can do. Sit back, be patient, and the new features will arrive in due course.

Analysis: more tools are welcome

While on the face of it, it would be easy to dismiss the addition of these very basic drawing tools, it's important to maintain perspective. Granted, these are simple tools, but that is very much the point. WhatsApp is not on a mission to take on Photoshop, it's just looking to make life a little easier for users.

With the arrival of these new options, it's easier than ever to quickly highlight part of an image, add some helpful descriptive text, or just liven things up a bit with stickers and emoji. There will, of course, be times when you want to do something a little more elaborate and involved, and this is when you can turn to your favorite image editor.

Via WABetaInfo

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