Web hosting giant Netgain forced offline after ransomware attack

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Following a ransomware attack that occurred at the end of November, the web hosting and IT service provider Netgain has been forced to take some of its data centers offline.

The company provides hosting and cloud IT solutions to organizations in the healthcare and accounting industry and this may be why it was targeted by cybercriminals in the first place.

As reported by BleepingComputer, Netgain set out a series of emails to its customers informing them it had fallen victim to a ransomware attack on November 24. A few days later at the beginning of December, customers then began receiving emails from the firm saying that they may experience “system outages or slowdowns” following a cyberattack on the hosting provider.

On December 5, Netgain once again sent out an email to its customers, this time confirming that it had to shut down its data centers to isolate and contain the ransomware attack, saying:

"As you are aware, in response to the cybersecurity incident, we took protective measures to isolate and contain the threat, including taking a number of our data centers offline. Please know that we understand the impact this outage has on your business, and our team is working around the clock, 24-7 to contain this threat and restore services."

Thousands of servers affected

Instead of be provided by Netgain itself, the latest update on the ransomware attack suffered by the firm comes from one of its customers that offers office management software solutions for optometrists and vision therapy professionals.

In an email to its own customers, Crystal Practice Management explained that it had been briefed by Netgain regarding the situation and that thousands of the company's servers were affected by the ransomware attack. Apparently Netgain is working around the clock to get its servers back online though there is still no ETA as to when they will be fully operational.

We'll likely find out more once Netgain has restored its servers but currently it is unknown as to which ransomware was used in the attack and no cybercriminal group has claimed responsibility yet.

Via BleepingComputer

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