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Vivo teases launch of full-screen smartphone with pop-up selfie camera

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo has just teased the launch of a new smartphone which harnesses some of the impressive technology we witnessed on its Apex Concept handset earlier this year.

With a launch event scheduled in Shanghai, China on June 12, the teaser video shows an all-screen smartphone with a pop-up selfie camera that automatically rises out the top of the phone.

These are two technologies that appeared in the concept phone we got hold of, however it appears this official device has a more rounded finish than the early prototype.

While none of the specs are confirmed, the teaser video also shows an in-screen fingerprint scanner and dual rear-facing cameras - suggesting this phone will be a seriously feature-packed offering. You can watch the full teaser video below.

How big?

It's not clear whether the in-display fingerprint scanner is located in one specific place in the screen - like it is in the Vivo X21 - or whether it'll use the technology we saw in the Apex Concept which made around a third of the display into a digit reader.

TechRadar will be reporting live from the launch of this new smartphone to bring you all the latest on the all-screen design and pop-up camera.

If you want an idea of what this new Vivo smartphone may have in store, check out our hands on video of the Apex Concept phone from February this year.