Virgin Media urges channel partners to help ease customers' Covid-19 challenges

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Virgin Media Business says there is a significant opportunity for wholesale customers that can help customers meet the challenges caused by coronavirus and lay a network foundation for long-term digital transformation.

Research commissioned by the company found that more than three quarters of businesses have struggled to adapt to the impact of the pandemic because of difficulties caused by legacy IT infrastructure and perceived barriers to adoption of new networking technologies.

Specifically, nearly half (48%) of UK businesses it surveyed said they had found it a challenge to support remote working during the pandemic while the same percentage struggled to meet customer demand.

Virgin Media Business

Around half of respondents plan to look at IoT and 5G to help solve some of these challenges but only 48% are looking to upgrade their network infrastructure to support these technologies. Just a quarter see network transformation as a strategic priority, with 36% believing the cost is prohibitive.

Virgin Media says channel partners that can work with customers to understand their needs and serve them with the right technologies stand to benefit. The research found 31% of businesses don’t feel their supplier has the knowledge to aid them in this transition, while 27% questioned their solution portfolio.

Inevitably, this is an opportunity for Virgin Media Business wholesale too. To support its partners, the division has made a multi-million-pound investment in its core network capabilities, increases access to its 10Gbps portfolio, and reduced the cost of its national high capacity services (NHCS) by up to 38%.

It says these measures will allow partners to help their end users meet existing challenges caused by Covid-19 and lay the foundation for digital transformation projects that will drive long-term business benefits.

“Inadequate infrastructure is preventing businesses from meeting challenges around remote working and omnichannel customer demand, and holding them back from embracing newer, more innovative technologies,” said Dale Parkinson, Sales Director, Virgin Media Business Wholesale.

“By adding more flexible and agile connectivity solutions to their product portfolio and getting closer to their end-customers, the IT channel can play a critical role in ensuring organisations benefit from the lightning-fast speeds, flexibility and agility provided by solutions like national high capacity services.

“We’re investing millions in our core network capabilities and digital services so our 10Gbps portfolio will be available in many more locations and can support even more businesses. We’ve cut the price of our 10Gbps portfolio by up to 38% and improved our Engage portal to ensure channel partners receive a first-class experience.”

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