Rdio kills the Vdio star, as spin-off movie rental site shuts down

Rdio kills the Vdio star as spin off movie rental site shuts down

Music streaming service Rdio has rolled the credits on its Vdio movie rental side project just six months after opening it up to the public.

The service, which originally launched for existing customers in April had offered iTunes-style rentals for films and TV shows, but failed to carve out its own niche in the market.

"We have concluded that we are not able to deliver a differentiated customer value proposition or a business model which is attractive to shareholders," the company said in a Q&A on the Vdio website.

As a result, users will be refunded for all purchases in the form of Amazon gift cards. As for Rdio, well its head-to-head with Spotify just got a lot more important to its survival

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