Upcoming Ubisoft Forward event will show off Assassin's Creed Mirage, Avatar, and more this week

Assassin's Creed Mirage: Basim crouching on ledge above enemies
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft's teaser trailer for its upcoming Ubisoft Forward Live 2023 event has revealed which games we will definitely see more of.

The just-over-a-minute-long trailer identifies three big hitters who are to receive airtime - it's no real surprise but at least we can all focus our expectations and excitement. We know we'll be seeing more of Assassin's Creed Mirage, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, and The Crew Motorfest, with all three games getting dedicated footage in the teaser trailer.

To elaborate, we saw a group of three assassins (!) riding camel's across a sandstorm-filled desert in Assassin's Creed Mirage footage, aerial battles between helicopters and Avatar warriors in the Frontiers of Pandora teaser, and some flashy cool shots of dimly lit cars of pedestals and Red Bull Racing F1 race cars for The Crew Motorfest.

These are the bits that many fans will latch onto the strongest, of course, though there were scenes and snippets from older live E3 events, for reasons - maybe in an effort to hype up the upcoming event and put it alongside famous Ubisoft E3's from days of yore. And then there was a fleeting gold and black material-looking effect on screen for a few seconds as an on-screen watcher said "Wait, what's that game?" - your guess is as good as ours on that though.

Alongside all the above, we also predict that we'll see Skull & Bones - the online pirate game that's been in development since god was a boy, it feels like - yet again. It wouldn't be a Ubisoft presentation without an appearance of that game. However, we should be getting a release date for that soon, after CRO Yves Guillemot confirmed in a recent investors call that game was "progressing well" and could be set for release later this Ubisoft-financial-year (which runs from April 1).

You can tune into the Ubisoft Forward Live 2023 event next Monday, June 12th at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST.

Like many others, Ubisoft does its own thing now, but it still represents a staple of the E3 schedule that has remained an annual event in the games calendar.

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