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Universal Background Screening

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(Image credit: Universal Background Screening )

Universal Background Screening is a platform that can be used to perform employment background checks. The company can also manage drug and health tests, monitor compliance with various standards, and vet income declarations. 

This is a fully accredited background check business with products that cover everything from county court records to credit reports and re-screening. In the following Universal Background Screening review, it’ll quickly become obvious why this service has secured our recommendation as one of the best background check services.

Universal Background Screening evaluation

Universal doesn’t publicize its pricing information, so it’s best to request a quote directly (Image credit: Universal Background Screening)

Plans and pricing

Universal Background Screening doesn’t provide any public pricing information. This is common practice in the employee background vetting industry as many providers, like Universal, form close relationships with their clients and customize each screening based on individual role requirements.

As a result, the price of each Universal Background Screening check varies based on numerous different factors. These include the number of screens you require, the size of your company, and what services you wish to purchase from Universal. Besides standard background checks, you can purchase drug testing, I-9 verification, and physical exams from Universal. 

After you’ve decided which of these services you’d like to add to your Universal Background Screening order, you can head over to the company’s Contact Form page. Here, you can add all of the information that Universal needs to put together a quote for you.

Universal Background Screening evaluation

Universal accepts candidate information through an online straightforward form that can be pre populated by your ATS (Image credit: Universal Background Screening)

How it works

After you’ve reached out to Universal Background Screening through the Contact Form, a member of staff will put together a custom screening program matched to your specific circumstances. To assemble that tailor-made program, Universal will take into account specific liabilities associated with your industry to figure out which screening services are required. 

Once you and Universal have decided which checks are relevant and you have subscribed to the company, you will be able to order background searches whenever you are about to make a hire.

Because Universal follows a paperless system and is HR-XML certified, you can place a new order with a single click from within your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) of choice. Alternatively, you can add a candidate’s details through a portal on Universal’s website.

Features and services

We commend Universal Background Screening for the breadth and flexibility of its services. The platform covers everything from international employee screening to background checks for specific industries, such as the healthcare and hospitality sectors.

The I-9 form is used to check whether a potential employee has adequate authorization to work in the United States, and filing it correctly can be a serious challenge for businesses. 

In our evaluation, we were impressed to see that Universal Background Screening has partnered with LawLogix, a provider of specialist immigration compliance software. This has enabled Universal to offer its clients a system—known as Guardian—that simplifies the I-9 process and verifies that your forms are free from errors before submission.

Physical exams are occupying an increasingly important role in the field of occupational health. Universal Background Screening goes a step beyond standard background checks by managing physicals programs on behalf of its clients. The results of these are often necessary to meet compliance standards set out by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Permanent hire screening isn’t the only thing that Universal’s background check services are good for. Through an extended workforce screening service, you can use the platform to evaluate any temporary staff you want to work with, including volunteers, consultants, and vendors. Universal also offers re-screening for current employees to quickly notify you if a person on your payroll commits an offense.

Despite the extensive list of services available through Universal, the platform makes it easy to manage screenings with a straightforward web interface. Your order processing status is available in real-time on the site and a straightforward tab-style layout means that even first-time hiring managers can quickly understand how to place and manage screenings.

Support and customer care

Even though Universal Background Screening keeps things simple when it comes to placing background check orders, you may well want extra help when it comes to setting up advanced features such as ATS integrations.

If you do need some assistance, you can check for a solution to your query in Universal’s internal help system. Alternatively, you can get in direct contact with a support agent over the phone or by email during standard MST working hours.

The competition

Although Universal Background Screening is our top choice for the best employment background check service, it isn’t a great option if you need to order a low volume of screenings quickly. GoodHire is a service that offers pre-made screening packages and which may be worth checking out if you don’t want to waste time setting up a customized screening system, as you have to with Universal.

Sterling is another background check provider that sells custom solutions for clients in certain industries. Depending on your sector, you may find that Sterling has services that fit better with your specific sector than Universal’s screenings do.

Final verdict

Universal Background Screening is an excellent choice for businesses with complex hiring needs. Thanks to its integration with third-party ATS platforms and an intuitive interface, Universal can simplify your background check processes while also enabling you to access advanced services such as international and physical screenings. However, if you’re looking for a service with simple pricing and preset packages, you’ll want to look elsewhere.