Twitter is experimenting with scheduling tweets from its web app

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Most avid Twitter users would be across TweetDeck at this stage – a dedicated app that allows for finer control of the social media platform – but now, one of its flagship features may be making its way to the regular Twitter web app.

The ability to schedule your tweet directly from Twitter’s desktop application is being trialled by a number of users starting today, although there’s no indication of how many people have access to the ‘experiment’.

The news was announced by TweetDeck via (rather fittingly) a tweet.

This tweet includes a short GIF to illustrate how the scheduling process works, which is thankfully rather straightforward. Once you’ve created your tweet, just click the three dots and select “Schedule Tweet” rather than the big blue “Tweet” button.

This function is ideal for a number of use cases, including spacing out a series of tweets that you’ve prepared all at once, timing something to publish at peak Twitter time, or just making sure you don’t spill the beans on something before you’re meant to.

Given that this is an experiment, there’s currently no word on when this will go live for the general public, or even if it will go live at all, so don’t hold your breath. With that said, we can’t see much reason for this feature to not be implemented if it functions the way it's supposed to.

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