Turn off these devices and save £75 a year on your energy bills

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New research from British Gas has revealed that Brits could save up to one-fifth on their energy bills by remembering to turn off money-sapping ‘vampire devices’.

The main items running up the cost of your electricity bill are satellite boxes, routers, TVs, microwaves and games consoles. But, it’s also estimated that computers, showers, dishwashers, printers and phone chargers are also costing households money.

The average annual electricity bill in the UK currently stands at £474.44 (although you could pay far less if you run an online energy comparison and switch provider). However, it’s estimated that Brits could save as much as £75 a year if they turned off their electronic devices rather than leaving them on standby. If the whole country took this advice, then the combined savings would total £1.6bn.

Generational differences

Although 15% of Brits didn’t realise that these items were still using energy while they were on standby, the survey revealed huge generational differences in attitudes towards spending. For example, more than three quarters of those aged over 65 said that they would now switch off the appliances to save money on bills, while almost half of Britain’s younger generation admitted that they will continue to leave the items on standby. 

Of those surveyed, almost one in five 18-24-year-olds admitted that they would leave devices on despite knowing that it was costing them more money, and over two in five said that saving money was not worth the effort. However, overall, almost three quarters of respondents did say that they’d start to turn these devices off now they know about their impact.

Save even more by switching

Although switching off items on standby can save you money, you can save even more on your energy bills by switching your provider and signing up for a fixed-term deal.

By switching to one of the best energy deals in your area, you could save hundreds of pounds every year on your gas and electricity bill. Plus, if you sign up for a smart meter as part of the switching process, you’ll be able to see the savings you’re making in real time.

The process of switching to a new supplier is quick and simple. Just use an online comparison service and provide a few basic details about your home and energy usage. You’ll then be shown a range of tariff options and the potential savings you could make. The whole process can be completed in only a couple of minutes and the comparison service will even handle the switching process for you.

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Find the best energy deal for your home
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